Joe MabbottJOE MABBOTT: Owner/Engineer

From a very early age Joe was destined to be involved in music. Starting out drumming at the age of 2 led into a life of music and by 18 was fully committed to making a career out of it. Moving to the Twin Cities in 1995 Joe began his career in post production and album recording. After 10 years of working in studios and drumming for various bands, in 2004 he started The Hideaway Studio with the intentions on making it a professional and comfortable destination for any and all types of music and artists to create. Over the past decade plus it’s grown into one of the finest studios in the Twin Cities with some of best gear and engineers housed under it’s roof.

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Official website

Partial Client List:
Brother Ali
Brian Miller
Paddy O’Brien
Snoop Dogg
The Parlour Suite
Step Rockets
Marianne Dissard
The Plastic Constellations
Mint Condition

BRADY MOEN: Engineer

Brady Moen, is an audio engineer and producer, emphasizing in music. Some time ago, he was guided by loud noises and shiny things, to The Hideaway’s creative accommodations. He believes sound connects to, and in everything. Music is his favorite sort of sound, and it smoothly weaves throughout his life. Brady believes every person has their own unique musical perception. His, changes daily, upon meeting people, eating things, waking up, anything. As long as music exists and grows, he wants to be in it as much as possible.

Contact Brady:
Official website

Partial Client List:
Grizzly Allen & Free Will
Liam Gerard
Leah T
Kev Sez
Lia Renee Dior
Zack Dyer
The Bellows
Bones and Beeker
Pippi Ardennia

Dan JensenDAN JENSEN: Engineer

Dan Jensen is a Northeast Minneapolis based musician and recording engineer. Previously working out of The Devil’s Workshop, Dan has been recording at The Hideaway since 2009. A fan of exceptionally loud amps and sizable drum sounds, Dan does what he can to make sure the guitar amps are turned up a little too loud and tries his best to help every drummer get away with their closest Bonham impression. When he’s not busy irritating the neighbors, he also enjoys recording folk and bluegrass and will likely try to see how many times he can get away with asking for more layers of vocal harmonies.

Partial Client List:
Off With Their Heads
Gay Witch Abortion
The Slow Death
Arms Aloft
The Manix
The Gateway District


Andrew Halvorson is a recording, mixing and mastering engineer. He graduated from McNally Smith College of Music in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Music Production and continues to fix gear and help students as a staff member in the McKern Studio Complex. As an engineer he has been able to work with a wide range of artists that range from singer-songwriter to progressive rock. In the summer of 2012, he started assisting and interning at The Hideaway Studios and continues to work out of there. Andrew also writes songs as The Despondent Monster.

Partial Client List:
Ashley Gold
Brian Laidlaw and the Family Trade
Bomba de Luz
Coleman Lindberg
Brice Plays Drums
Buffalo Moon
Charlie Christenson Trio
Grant Cutler & Chris Campbell

Jeff MarcovisJEFF MARCOVIS: Engineer

Jeff Marcovis is an audio engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, electronics nerd, and DIY guy to the core who can break and fix almost anything. He is an active musician, currently playing with Al Church(drums), Corey Palmer and Lovetrade (guitar,keys, percussion, vocals), TYTE Jeff(guitar,vocals), and Jon Jones(bass,vocals). Besides recording bands, he also enjoys working on films, commercials, and building electronics/microphones. Previously co-owning and working out of the Sound Gallery, Jeff has made The Hideaway his home since 2013. When he isn’t in the studio, you can find him on a golf course or biking around the twin cities. For inquiries to Jeff directly please email him at

Partial Client List:
Al Church
The Blind Shake
Jon Jones
Hunting Club
Perfume Monster

Cape Status
Hello Sunshine Films
In The Groove
MPLS Instrument Company
Olson Advertising