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On June 25th Dessa from Doomtree released her 3rd full length album, Parts Of Speech, parts of which were recorded and all mixed by Joe Mabbott at The Hideaway Studio. The record’s first week out saw it reach #71 on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart. Please support independent music and go get a copy of the record here
dessa 2

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This weekend we had the pleasure of having The Parlour Suite stop in to track 3 songs. We started with blocking out the light to the performance room to create the mood for their dreamy landscapes of synth, bass, washed out guitars, and ambient pulsing drums. Once we got tones Friday night we began the day Saturday with a giant box of Glam Doll Donuts to get the sleep knocked out of our systems and get into it. After basics were done, Inga’s vocals were quickly and easily handled to perfection. It was a super smooth and laid back session with great results. The tracks will be sent off to Grant Cutler for some production tricks and arrangements, then back here to mix. Snapped some photos of the session. Enjoy.









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Joey Van Phillips, drummer and percussionists extraordinaire for groups like Dessa, A Wolf and Her Claws, LaLiberte, and Mystery Palace, to name a few has been working closely with Joe Mabbott on a purely drums, percussion, and mallets based record with the intention to grab a handful of featured guest vocalists like Dessa, POS, and Toki Wright to put out a collection of unique tracks showcasing Joey’s production, arranging and writing styles. We wrapped up the tracking phase and are getting into rough mix mode this week to get tracks out to the artists. The Hideaway Studio’s good friend Chris Bartels came through to snap some photos during our last session
Enjoy:IMG_2036 mod1

IMG_2052 mod1

IMG_2069 mod1

IMG_2073 mod1

IMG_2084 mod1

IMG_2091 mod1

IMG_2109 mod1

IMG_2116 mod1

IMG_2118 mod1

IMG_2127 mod1

IMG_2133 mod1

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From The Heart were in February 11th-12th working on their EP with engineer Josh Riggs. They will be back in April for another 3 day block to work out some more tracks. Hideaway Engineer Brady Moen was in assisting on the 2 day sessions and had this recap:
A relaxing 2-day session set. Pop punk with Dave Grohl grunts, that’s what was being offered up to the god of music this past Monday and Tuesday. These were the first two days of tracking, kicking off this soon-to-be 5-song EP. It seemed the space was just what these guys needed to summon the right type of emotion from the depths of their beings. The sessions went smoothly with Josh Riggs and the helm, steering them clear of all things that are bad. Thumbs up.
I get a feeling Brady has a side job as a movie critic or something with his writing style. Anyways, he snapped some pics during the session.

Working it Out

Drumming and Stomping



Panorama Control Room


photo (1) Edit

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Brian Miller and Randy Gosa were in the week of January 28th to February 3rd and started tracking “The Falling of the Pines” the follow up record to “Minnesota Lumberjack Songs” released in 2011, also recorded and mixed at The Hideaway. At a feverish pace they tracked 13 songs with various instrumentation from acoustic guitars to banjos, bouzoukis, mandolin, harmonium, fiddle, Vocals with catchy harmonies, and some good old fashioned cabin stomping to boot. The mixing will be done throughout the next month and you should see the album out sometime in the summer.

Check out their performance of “Roll You Drivers Roll” on Minnesota Original here, a track that will be on their upcoming album.

Here’s a couple snaps during the session:

Harmonium Tuning



Tracking 2



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Biebs cover
Back in November I got a call from Universal Group looking to book some time for one of their artists to stop in on break from tour and track some acoustic guitars for a record they were working on. Turned out to be Justin Bieber’s Believe Acoustic record, an acoustic vision on his 2012 platinum release Believe. After a quick shuffle around of the schedule we made some room and Dan Kanter, Justin’s guitar player and musical director came in with engineer Josh Gudwin to see what they could make happen. Three large coffees, a couple large salads, a large white pizza, and 6 hours later they had three songs tracked, Beauty and the Beat, She Don’t Like the Lights, and Boyfriend. Dan is a beast of a talent on the guitar, his rhythmic sense in spot on playing unbelievable tight on doubled guitar parts. Josh nailed some great tones with a minimalistic setup utilizing AKG and Neumann mics running into The Hideaway’s Manley EQs and Retro 176 and LA2A compressors. The record was released on February 29th. I now understand the term Bieber Fever, as I was humming all these songs for the next couple weeks after the session. Was a pleasure having these guys in. Here’s a crappy cell snap of the session:

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The last couple months of 2010 had Atmosphere in the studio for the making of their recently released record The Family Sign out on Rhymesayers Entertainment. Here are a couple photos in the studio taken by Skye Rossi. In it’s first week out, The Family Sign has charted on Billboard # 13 Top 200 Current Albums, # 2 Current Rap Album, # 2 Current Indie Albums,# 9 Current Digital Albums

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