It was a busy week in the studio this last week. Joe Mabbott started mixing Doomtree artist Dessa’s upcoming record Castor, The Twin, due out this fall. It’s a live band redo of here critically acclaimed record A Badly Broken Code, with a whole new organic twist on some of her great tracks, plus some new songs as well. Her band consists of Sean McPherson, bass player for Heiruspecs and commonly used session player for lots of The Hideaway Studio’s sessions, Joey Van Phillips, drummer extraordinaire for Mystery Palace, and guitarist / keyboardist Dustin Kiel, session player for Rhymesayers artists like Brother Ali and Atmosphere.

Engineer Dan Jensen was also in the studio this week working with The Slow Death. Dan has been doing a lot of great work out of the studio in the last couple months. He’s brought in Battlefields, The Manix, The Turkeltons, and The Red Stripes. We’re happy to have Dan so busy and doing great records out of The Hideaway.